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Culture: Do You Define It or Does It Create Itself?

“Culture” is another one of those buzz words going around lately as companies strive to up their game or reinvent themselves.  With the changes in the market after the economic crash of 2008 and the new generations entering the workplace now, the new goal is to make your workplace happier, healthier and higher performing….still all… Continue reading Culture: Do You Define It or Does It Create Itself?

Employee Relations, Human Resources, Leadership, Performance

Do You “Motivate” Or Do You “Inspire”?

When we talk about “performance,” our minds automatically go to “how to we improve performance.”  It’s always on the mind of every leader or manager that has a team under them.  We think by coming up with ways of improving performance that it will translate into happier and more productive sub-ordinates.  For the majority of… Continue reading Do You “Motivate” Or Do You “Inspire”?

Communication, Employee Relations, Leadership, Performance

Don’t Be The “Too-Nice” Boss

Whether you are a brand new manager or have worked your way up the ranks into a management position, don’t fall into the trap of being your employees’ friend.  Remember – you all are at work to complete a job.  You can be friends off the clock, but while you are on the clock –… Continue reading Don’t Be The “Too-Nice” Boss