Barb Buckner is a seasoned HR professional with 20 years experience working in start-ups, family-owned businesses, small/medium-sized corporations and not-for-profit volunteer organizations.  She has set up new HR departments and well as revamped existing ones.  She has worked as a solo HR practitioner as well as built up an HR team.

Tactically, she is a well-rounded professional who has experience in every aspect of HR including: Employee Relations, Payroll and Benefits, Rewards & Recognition Programs, Training and Development, Onboarding, Strategic Planning, Social Media, Recruiting, Compensation, Compliance, Union Relations and Negotiations, Talent Development, Succession Planning and  Employer Branding.

Her greatest strength, however, is in Leadership Coaching.  While Barb didn’t start out her career in Human Resources, she discovered early on that she had a unique affinity for communicating and teaching people – both employees and managers.  She has a straight-forward and honest approach to her communication and teaching style that creates a comfort zone with others and quickly earns their attention and respect.

Because her background also includes past roles in accounting, administration, customer service and marketing, she is able to “relate” to others when discussing their positions and explain how each department within a company needs to work together.   Her goal when conducting training is to not just deliver the information but to leave participants knowing “why” what they learned was important and with a clear understanding of how to implement ideas immediately.

As a member of the Society of Human Resource Management, Barb stays current on the latest news and legal changes affecting the HR profession.

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