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#HRHorrorStories Day 3 – Extra Pay & Bad-Mouthing Co-Workers

water_cooler_chat-e129234989560211Continuing the series of #HRHorrorStories on #DTHR, we talked more about some of those common everyday mistakes employees – and managers – can make that can cause real headaches!

We have all had that dream….and even joked with the Payroll Manager about doing it…of finding those mistaken “extra zeroes” at the end of your paycheck. Even in today’s automated world where you think such mistakes can’t happen…they do. It is a Payroll and HR headache when a paycheck mistake is made and needs to be corrected. But what it worse is if the employee knows a mistake was made and not only doesn’t say anything about it but goes ahead and spends the extra money anyway!

Even without needing glasses….you are going to know if you normally get a $340 a week paycheck that a mistake has been made if your paycheck suddenly says $34,000! It today’s horror story – that mistake was made and the employee went out and spent all the money before the company found out. When questioned, he even admitted he knew it was a mistake but figured he would wait to see if the company noticed and came back to him to collect it!

The employee was fired and some of the money was able to be recouped by the company, but it begs the bigger question: What has happened to morals in the workplace when an employee justifies stealing as the “company’s mistake”? Is this the sign of an unhappy work environment? A company can put all kinds of “checks and double-checks” in place to review payroll to catch such mistakes ahead of time, but some errors will still occur – especially when processing larger number of employees – so may be a good idea to look around at your own workplace at your employees and see if you notice any performance “red flags” that may cause them to keep quiet on mistakes like this one.

Our next horror story is one that many #jobseekers actually are concerned about when going for interviews. A Hiring Manager held a 90min interview with a candidate….and not only thought he was a different person applying for a totally different position, but started calling the candidate by the wrong name during the interview! Its embarrassing to the Interviewer but also frustrating to the Interviewee who now feels his/her time was wasted and their candidacy not being taken seriously. And that leaves them with a negative impression of the company.

An interview should be set up and tracked like any other appointment. And Hiring Managers need to be taught that “interviews” should not be viewed as simple “meet-n-greets” where you are only focusing on whether or not there is a match in personality. Yes, Recruiters and HR Managers usually put the candidate through the “grilling” process of uncovering their skills and qualifications in the initial interview but follow-up (or second interviews) should be conducted with the same level of attention and detail. Keep your yourself organized by printing out and bringing with you – to have in front of you – the resume of the person you are interviewing regardless of whether or not you have prepped for it.

Our final horror story is one that many new employees make when just trying to fit in and be accepted by their new fellow employees and supervisors. When asked what you think about another employee, refrain from speaking ill of them is always a good business practice as well as personal code of conduct. You never know if you may end up finding out that the person asking is related to or married to that employee!

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