Customized Workshops and Training

There are many practices within Human Resources that most Managers don’t understand how they protect the company or why they have to follow.  These training sessions will help them understand and how to implement these practices right away.

> Management/Leadership Coaching

Many employees move into leadership or management positions based on past performance or tenure, but not all are ready to assume the duties of managing employees – especially when they were previously co-workers.  Coaching on how to carry out their new roles and responsibilities can help them navigate and find their comfort zone in their new role to be successful.

> Performance Management

Every company wants to know how to increase employee engagement.  And every employee wants to know what future they have with their employer.  A properly established and executed Performance Management program can help with both.  Depending on your company’s business cycle and makeup of employees, a program will be designed and leadership trained on how to productively carry-out the process and monitor for success.   This includes both Performance Reviews and Progressive Discipline procedures that are constructive and goal-setting.

Employee Relations Issues, Investigations & Arbitrations

Do your managers know how to handle employee complaints when they are brought to them?  Employee morale can be made or broken depending on how complaints in the workplace are handled.  We can teach your managers how to handle complaints or act as a third party to mediate an employee complaint.

Do your managers know the do’s and don’ts of conducting an investigation.  We will train your managers on how to effectively handle such situations to protect the liability of the company.  We can help you through the steps to prepare yourselves and prepare a case, if needed.

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